Vaporizer pens have been around in various forms since the 1960s, though, in that era the sets were more of the tabletop variety and not very pocketable. Chinese pharmacist Han Lik is largely credited as the modern vaporizer pen’s inventor (also called “e-cigarettes”), apparently finding the inspiration after his father died from cancer. The device, then known as Ruyan (means “like smoke”) was a hit in his homeland, so naturally, it made its way to the US in the mid 2000s. “Vaping” — the common term for using a vaporizer pen — is simply applying heat to a liquid which creates vapor. Breathing in the nearly-odorless vapor gives the smoker their nicotine hit. While the most common e-cigarettes look like traditional smokes and are often sold in ciggy-like packaging, the market is overflowing with variety.

Vaporizer Pen

How Does it Work?

The technology is really simple and consists of: a power source( battery, coil or chamber that heat and vaporize the juice, CBD oil, or other material, and an LED light at the tip to make you feel at home. 510 Mods are a whole other thing, though, featuring massive batteries and at times hand made coils for optimum performance. In fact, there’s a subculture within the vaping community called “cloud chasers.” These folks strive to make the biggest craziest clouds of “smoke” (vapor) possible, though this isn’t without risk. Using sub-OHM resistance setups in their atomizers can push their batteries hard enough to cause them to fail. Of course, the folks involved with vaporizer pen accessories typically know the risks and the science behind a safe setup.

Simple & Modern

The same level of customization applies to ground material┬ávaporizers. Not only are vapes for herbs portable and really simple to use, but they’ve also become downright fashionable looking. Take Ploom’s Pax vaporizer as an example: it’s made of brushed metal, has a retracting mouthpiece, a lovely glowing logo on the body and three temperature settings. Unlike the e-cigs and 510 Oil Pens and mods, the Pax has a small oven that is packed full and then the system heats up the pot and vaporizes the aromatic blends. Once its logo turns green, you’re set to puff away and, when done, pop the magnetic cover on the bottom off, empty it, then drop the Pax into its changing base for the next round.

Vape Pens for CBD Oil