Interested in Wholesaling 510 Thread Oil Vape Pens or Batteries?

World’s Pipe sells the most popular vaporizer pen and 510 battery brands on the market. That’s why CBD product retailers love our wholesale services. We make it easy to offer the top brands to your customers, backed by World’s Pipe’s unbeatable product warranty and sales support. We provide marketing solution to your stores and educate.


You can count on World’s Pipe for the best customer support in the industry. If you’re a CBD product retailer, don’t take risks ordering from unreliable overseas manufacturers. Avoid customs hassles and long shipping delays by dealing with an established wholesaler like World’s Pipe. Our goal is to be the best choice for CBD, Vape Pens and 510 Thread Battery product retailers looking for vaporizer pens. That’s why we’re dedicated to meeting your needs and making sure you get the right products for the right price. For the highest quality vaporizer pens available, let World’s Pipe handle all your CBD product wholesaling needs.

Brands we carry for wholesaling

  • Nero Mini Box

  • The Kind Pen

  • Jmate

  • iMini

  • Vapmod

  • Smartvape 510 battery

  • Airistech

  • World’s Pipe

  • 510 Generic Batteries
  • 510 Twist Batteries


World’s Pipe offers premium oil vaporizers for an affordable price. We offer keystone margins for retailers and are backing our product with marketing material and full customer support. For all wholesale inquiries, please email.